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Raise The Bar When Recruiting Healthcare Employees

We all know the healthcare industry is booming and the demand for first-rate candidates is high as the pandemic continues to unfold. Healthcare organizations are struggling to meet the hiring demand, and the higher the turnover rate, the more money it costs to hire and train replacements.

The healthcare turnover rate is more than 19 percent and generally costs a company one and half to two times the employee’s salary. The result is a candidate-pool shortage and difficulty for healthcare organizations to hold on to their top talent. So how can they overcome these challenges and optimize recruiting?

Step One: Talent Acquisition Technology

This powerful HR tool makes recruiting easier, faster, and more cost-effective. It also allows healthcare organizations to meet job candidates on their own mobile devices, connecting them directly to their candidate pool. Talent Acquisition Technology allows healthcare organizations to create a mobile-friendly job search process and application process.

Step Two: Employment Brand

Healthcare organizations can highlight their company culture and benefits to effectively promote their positive brand image, which will engage job candidate inquiries and expand the candidate pool. Employee testimonials and company anecdotes are a great way to show off company culture on a website, social media platforms, and while participating in job fairs.

Step Three: Candidate Pipeline

Establishing a strategic candidate pipeline is vital for recruiting. A simple way to do this is by partnering with public health departments, professional societies, universities, and colleges to maintain a steady stream of job candidate applications. This candidate pool can also evolve into a pipeline to long-term hiring as positions open up down the road. Maintain this pool by communicating with the job applicants on a regular basis to keep them informed of new positions that better fit their profile and skills.

A major component to enhancing your candidate pool is by working with a screening company that is an industry leader. KRESS is a preferred screening vendor for healthcare organizations because we make federal and state compliance fast, easy, accurate, and affordable. Our exclusive partnerships allow us to provide healthcare organizations with comprehensive screening packages, discounted rates, and a quick turnaround time. Discover the KRESS difference.

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