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A Random Drug Testing Checklist

Random drug testing is often a difficult practice to approach for businesses in all industries. Both established and growing businesses need the same questions answered in regard to how they should implement a random drug-test program. With the countless tips and tricks disseminated through the market on how to conduct a random drug test, we understand how it can become difficult to know which tactics are actually effective. KRESS compiled a list of guidelines all companies should cover when deciding to conduct random drug testing.

Combined with pre-employment drug testing, random employee drug testing is the most effective way to keep your business compliant with regulations and free from unnecessary liability and risk. Follow these guidelines for an effective random drug testing program:

  1. Establish a drug testing protocol that meets minimum regulatory requirements.
  2. Use a statistically valid random generator to ensure each employee has the same probability of selection.
  3. Employ stratified random sampling to reduce chances of an employee being missed or tested twice in a year.
  4. Document the entire random drug testing process in case of an audit or litigation.
  5. Strictly limit the time between notifying a worker of his or her selection and testing that worker.
  6. Familiarize yourself with your testing provider’s business hours and testing policies.
  7. Follow all state and federal regulations in order to remain compliant and avoid penalties.
  8. Account for any unique testing needs your business has and tailor your testing policy to meet those needs.
  9. Keep selection notifications and testing as discrete as possible and keep all results confidential.

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We hope this list of guidelines helps you frame your company’s random drug testing policy, but this is only the beginning. From small businesses to global corporations, KRESS is an experienced company that has helped many develop and customize drug-screening packages unique to their needs. After three simple steps, your company will have a fully customized, solution-oriented random drug testing program. Contact us today to see how we make random drug testing timely, efficient, and effective.

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