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Ready for your resolutions? The weekend roundup

As Jan. 1 looms, everyone is writing about the New Year’s Resolutions. However, lose weight, eat healthy and the usual have taken a backseat to a singular concept: focus. Are you ready to begin your extraordinary year? We’ve curated a list of personal, work-related and business resolution suggestions before you make your list.

Seth Godin: Is it too little butter, or too much bread?

The word of the year, although it has not yet been released, may be focus. From the best-selling business book Essentialism to hundreds of blog posts, everyone is touting the benefit of focus. Godin, as usual, puts a great spin on it. Do you have too much bread?

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Inc.: 8 things you must do now for your business to succeed in 2016

Warning: this list is not populated with the typical advice for business owners. Stash cash is near the bottom of the list. Instead, social media and video lead the list. It’s time to rethink your strategy, beginning with your brand’s voice.

Fast Company: 10 habits to adopt now to be better at your job in 2016

Admittedly, this list is daunting. It includes “cross everything off your to do list” and “reach all your goals”. The list does include, beneath each of the suggestions, an article that gives you tips on how to accomplish that particular habit.

Inc.: How one word can change your life

No, the word is not included in the article. Rather, this is a quest for you to find that word that will shape your 2016. The tradeoff of one word for a list of resolutions? Sounds good to us.

Hubspot: The to-don’t list [INFOGRAPHIC]


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