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Real-time Employment Screening Increases in Popularity

Most companies cover first base by pre-screening job applicants prior to employment, but what about second and third base? Make sure all your bases are covered! Regular rescreening is increasing in importance, and development in technology and database accessibility makes it much more practical for companies of all sizes. Before, ongoing screening was exclusive to healthcare and other safety-sensitive jobs, but rescreening is a point of interest to more industries, such as manufacturing, retail, government, and public school systems. If an employee commits a felony or loses a license needed to perform their job, an employer may never find out unless they are rescreening regularly or signed up for continuous monitoring. In 2018, only 11 percent of organizations regularly rescreened their employees. Here are the most popular areas for continual or rescreening:

  1. Criminal Records
  2. Motor Vehicle Records
  3. Credit History
  4. Address History
  5. Professional License Verifications

Stay aware.

Many screening companies are picking up on this trend and are starting to market their services and technology to companies to implement rescreening programs. However, make sure you understand the capabilities of the technology being used and the reliability of the database sources. KRESS helps you ensure the credibility of your staff by offering automated rescreening, rescreen notifications with one-click ease, and continual monitoring on driving records. Contact us today to find out more on these rolling background services.

Stay compliant.

Regular rescreening must still be implemented in line with the standards set forth by the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Review both federal and state laws regarding what employers must create regarding disclosure documentation, authorization requirements, and transparency in the case an employee is terminated due to positive test results. Pay special attention to a provision that requires written consent from an employee before all background checks are processed. There should be no confusion among your workforce around the ongoing rescreening that will be implemented throughout the duration of their employment—transparency is your key to stay safe and compliant.

Your HR department must also have a plan in place for when employees refuse to give your company authorization to screen them regularly. With this new trend, there are not many cases to reference to gain insight into how this hiccup is addressed legally, so make sure your rescreening program is as transparent to your employees as possible.

Need help getting started? We take care of the organization and execution of your company’s rescreening program. KRESS leverages the most up-to-date technology, databases, and legal practices to ensure the safety of your company, employees, and customers. Contact us today!

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