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Return to Work Plans Changing Due to COVID-19 Variants, Make Executive Searches More Inclusive, and the Employee Retention Credit Could End Next Month

In today’s Weekend Roundup, discover how return to work plans are changing due to the Delta variant of COVID-19, how to make executive searches more inclusive, and why the employee retention credit could end next month. Click the headlines below to learn more!

How Return to Work Plans are Evolving Due to the Delta Variant

Like many employers, software company Paylocity had moved its employees remote due to COVID-19 early last year. Some of its employees have returned to the office have over the past several months, and with COVID-19 cases on the decline and the country moving toward a new normal, the company was planning to officially reopen its offices for its workers after Labor Day.

But the Delta variant—the highly contagious COVID strand that is surging in much of the country—is changing those plans.

How to Make Executive Searches less Exlusionary

Talent professionals may be tempted to see D&I-focused hiring as a numbers game. But it’s so much deeper than that. Along with diversity and inclusion, equity is crucial especially in the C-suite. Sure, the CEO, CDO, COO and CIO have the ultimate say on strategy and how resources are distributed. But, as Aiko Bethea, entrepreneur and founder of RARE Coaching & Consulting, told HR Dive, “they also influence culture by setting the tone, from the top, about what’s OK and what’s not.”

The Employee Retention Credit Could End Next Month

A $1.2 trillion bill passed in the Senate last week and is now making its way through the House of Representatives for review. Included in the package are terms and conditions pertaining to the Employee Retention Credit.

The bill officially titled the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act includes language that ends the Employee Retention Credit on September 30, 2021. Currently, the credit is slated to run through all of 2021. If the Act is signed into law, employers will miss out on the opportunity to obtain $7,000 in Employee Retention Credits, per employee, for the final quarter of 2021.

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