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Rolling Background Checks Take Off in 2019

Rolling background checks identify whether an employee was convicted of a crime, went bankrupt, or underwent any other life event that could affect their ability to optimally and safely perform their assigned job. More and more companies are deciding to regularly monitor their employees, and the screening industry has experienced a sharp increase in growth in recent years. Membership in the National Association of Professional Background Screeners increased from 195 to 917—that’s more than quadrupled. While people in financial services or healthcare are known to undergo extra screening beyond pre-employment, this practice is expanding to other industries including manufacturing, retailing, and driving services.

“I think the concern is coming from a fear that either something was missed the first time around or a fear of, ‘Do we really know who’s working for us?’”—Cleveland employment lawyer, Jon Hyman

Why are continuous background checks more common now?

Thanks to technology advancements and the internet, regular screening is a lot more efficient due to all of the data that is available and the innovative tools at our disposal to organize and analyze this information. Just ten years ago, most of this was still done on paper, so it’s easy to imagine how overwhelming screening hundreds of employees could be without the right software. Now you can set a one-year timer on each employee and have them rescreened annually with the click of a button.

Are you ready to implement a regular rescreening program?

Rolling background checks are essential to ensure year-long safety at your company. Any company serious about its growth and compliance should plan now to start a program in the new year or shortly after. Before you start, keep in mind that any regular rescreening program still must comply with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act that requires documented consent by all employees before the implementation of background checks. In addition, employees must receive notice and disclosure requirements that can be drafted by your local legal counsel.

In its own document, inform applicants and employees that their information may be used and screened to maintain a safe work environment. Make sure the applicant or employee’s written permission is documented and signed. Employees must be made aware that disclosure and authorization to screen for pre- and post-employment remain effective throughout the duration of their time at your company.

To get started, contact KRESS today, and we can set up an efficient and effective plan for your company in the new year!

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