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Verification of Employment

It may come as a surprise, but a considerable 55% of Americans have admitted to lying on their resume. Even more surprising, 21% of Americans have confessed to using fake references. These statistics highlight the importance of thorough employment verifications.

At KRESS, we offer comprehensive employment verification services to ensure that you hire with confidence, knowing that your prospective employees have the experience and qualifications they claim to have.

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Verification of Employment

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Why Verification of Employment is Essential

Checking employment status

Mitigate Risk

Checking employment history is key for risk management. Thorough checks prevent hiring individuals who could harm reputation, financial health, or workplace safety. Candidates with false employment details might lack the necessary skills, resulting in poor performance or expensive mistakes.

Regulatory Compliance

For some roles, confirming employment details is not just best practice—it's legally required. Positions in sectors like healthcare or finance demand rigorous background checks to comply with industry standards. Skipping thorough employment verifications can lead to significant fines, legal problems, and harm to your organization's reputation.

Enhance Workplace Quality

Employment verification is crucial for maintaining workplace quality. Hiring individuals with accurate and verified employment information ensures skilled professionals who positively contribute to the team and uphold organizational standards.

Avoid Dishonest Applicants

Verification of employment helps to identify dishonest job candidates early on. In a competitive market, job seekers may embellish or falsify their work history to appear more attractive. Thorough checks can expose employment and salary information discrepancies, filtering out dishonest applicants. This ensures an accurate and fair hiring process, establishing a culture of integrity and transparency.

Build Your Team with Confidence

  • Ensure employees' work histories are genuine.

  • Mitigate risks associated with negligent hiring practices.

  • Uphold regulatory compliance.

  • Maintain high workplace standards and professionalism.

  • Deter dishonest candidates from applying, fostering a culture of honesty and integrity.

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adverse action process

Don't allow inaccuracies to compromise your hiring process. Begin conducting thorough employment verifications today to secure the competence and credibility of your future employees with absolute confidence.

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Employment Verification Background Check Services

Employment Information

At KRESS, we offer a comprehensive approach to verifying a candidate's application and work history. Our team of trained specialists ensures a thorough review of the past seven years of employment information.

Our employment verification service includes:

  • Verification of all positions listed on the candidate's resume or application
  • Confirmation of job titles and dates of employment
  • Contacting former employers to verify employment information, job duties, salary, and eligibility for rehire
  • Checking for any disciplinary actions or termination reasons

Armed with this information, we provide you with a clear and accurate depiction of a candidate's work history. This service is offered at a single flat rate per person, regardless of the number of employers listed on the application or résumé.

Reference Checks

In addition to verifying employment history, KRESS provides a robust reference verification service. This service delves into both business and personal credentials, delivering insight into the applicant's overall image as perceived by others. The results of this process can provide valuable insights into the candidate's trustworthiness, reliability, competency, and integrity.

Our employment verification specialists thoroughly investigate the references included in your candidate's application or résumé. They pose thoughtful, strategic questions designed to shed light on the candidate's work ethic, abilities, accomplishments, and past performance.

Education Verification

We verify the authenticity of degrees and certifications claimed by candidates, including dates of attendance, majors or concentrations, and any honors or achievements earned. With KRESS, you can have confidence in the academic qualifications of your potential hires. Learn more about our education verification service and how it can benefit your hiring process.

How it Works

The Employment History Verification Process

We've simplified the employment history verification process into three straightforward steps:

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job performance reason

Step 1

Submit your Request

Begin by providing us with essential information about the candidate, such as their full name, the time period you wish to verify, and any specific details related to their previous employment that you're interested in. This step also requires the submission of a consent form signed by the candidate to authorize the verification process.

Step 2

Verification Starts

Upon receiving your request, our team springs into action. Thanks to our vast network of contacts and utilization of state-of-the-art verification technologies, we're able to verify the employment history of the candidate efficiently. Our process is designed to overcome common obstacles, such as unresponsive former employers, ensuring that you get accurate and comprehensive data.

Step 3

Receive Detailed Report

In a remarkably short timeframe, you'll be provided a detailed report that provides a complete overview of the candidate's employment history. This report will confirm the positions held, duration of employment, and, if available, details regarding job performance and eligibility for rehire. Should any discrepancies or notable information be found during the verification process, these will be thoroughly documented.

Employment History Verification Process

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Get an Employment Verification Background Check with KRESS Inc

We offer comprehensive employment verification services to help you make informed hiring decisions. Our team of experienced professionals follows a meticulous and consistent approach to verifying candidates' past work experience, ensuring compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

Let KRESS handle employment history verification, freeing you to focus on finding the best candidates for your organization. Contact us today to learn more about our services and streamline your hiring process.

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Your Guide to Employment Verification

Legal Implications in the Verification Process

Verification of employment must be conducted responsibly and within legal boundaries. At KRESS, we understand the sensitivity of this process and take all necessary precautions to ensure compliance with state and federal laws, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

The FCRA is a comprehensive piece of legislation in the United States designed to protect the privacy and accuracy of consumer information held by consumer reporting agencies.

In the context of employment, the FCRA has regulations that govern the collection and use of consumer report information, including credit and criminal background checks, in making employment decisions. This law ensures that this information is accurate and secure and that its collection and use are transparent to the consumer.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is a federal agency responsible for enforcing federal laws regarding discrimination against job applicants or employees in the United States.

The EEOC guidelines are aimed at prohibiting discrimination based on factors such as age, disability, genetic information, pregnancy, race, color, religion, sex, and national origin. These guidelines are paramount when carrying out employment information verification.

Common Challenges in Verifying Employment Information

Inaccurate or Misleading Information

One of the common challenges faced during employment verification is encountering inaccurate or misleading information provided by the candidates. This can range from false employment claims to exaggerated job titles and responsibilities to false employment dates.

Time-Consuming Process

Another challenge is the time-consuming nature of employment verification. Verifying the details provided by the candidate, such as contacting a past employer or checking with educational institutions, can take a considerable amount of time and resources.

Limited Access to Information

Sometimes, prospective employers also might encounter difficulties in accessing the candidate's employment due to reluctance from previous employers to share information or due to privacy laws that restrict the sharing of certain information.

Tailoring the Verification to the Job Role

We understand that different job roles require different levels of scrutiny when it comes to employment verifications.

  • Executive Positions: For executive positions or roles with high levels of responsibility, we conduct a thorough and comprehensive process, including checking references and conducting interviews with past employers. This ensures that prospective employers have a complete understanding of the candidate's employment information and qualifications.

  • Entry-Level Positions: For entry-level positions, we focus on verifying basic information such as job title, dates of employment, and reason for leaving. This allows you to quickly and efficiently confirm the candidate's work experience without unnecessary delays or costs.

  • Specialized Job Roles: We perform additional checks for employment verifications for relevant roles in healthcare, finance, or technology. This includes confirming the candidate's tenure, job functions, performance, and confirmation on certifications, licenses, or specific skills as needed. Our rigorous approach ensures employers hire experienced and fully qualified individuals for their industry's demands.

Best Practices for Employers

Employment verifications are an essential part of the hiring process, and employers must follow certain best practices to ensure its effectiveness:

  1. Maintain Consistency: It's vital to uphold a consistent approach when verifying every candidate's employment information, including verifying all positions listed on the candidate's resume. A thorough screening process not only avoids any discrimination claims but also ensures that the candidate's skills and qualifications match their stated work experience.

  2. Obtain Written Consent: Before conducting any employment verification, employers must obtain written consent from the candidate. This protects their privacy and ensures compliance with federal and state laws.

  3. Maintain Confidentiality: As an employer, it's crucial to maintain the confidentiality of all information obtained. This includes not sharing any sensitive personal details or any information that could potentially harm the candidate.

  4. Comply and Stay Transparent: It's essential to adhere to relevant laws and regulations, such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and state-specific laws on background checks, when verifying employment history. Keeping candidates informed about the process fosters transparency and avoids misunderstandings.

  5. Remain Objective: It's essential to remain objective. Avoid making assumptions or judgments based on personal biases and stick to the facts and information gathered during the verification process.

Employment Verification FAQs

Employment verification can be a complex process full of legal and procedural nuances. Here are some frequently asked questions that might provide a better understanding of the process.

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