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Are They Really Who They Say They Are?


Identity Services

Are you sure your candidate is really who they say they are? Identity theft in the U.S. is on the rise, and some individuals are using new identities to land a job by evading background checks.

A crucial component of any background check, identity services are used in conjunction with public record searches as a roadmap to select possible alias names and court jurisdictions that should be researched for records as well as verifying the eligibility status of newly hired employees.

U.S. employers have historically been overwhelmed by the cumbersome process of I-9 Forms and compliance with I-9 Regulations. Fines for inaccurately completed I-9 Forms range from $300 to $3000 per occurrence. The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) mandates that employers authenticate the employment eligibility status of newly hired employees and makes it illegal for employers to knowingly hire or continue to employ unauthorized workers. KRESS is a designated agent authorized by the DHS to perform I-9 employment authorization searches on behalf of clients.

The Social Security Trace acts as an identifier and reveals any alias names, as well as past and present addresses associated with the social security number. It’s a crucial component of criminal history research as it is used as a roadmap to select court jurisdictions that should be researched for criminal records. The same courts should be checked under all relevant and/or unique alias names. The addresses found on a trace correspond with the areas of the country where your applicant has applied for credit or supplied their information to any number of our data furnishers. The trace also authenticates that the social security number provided by your applicant is associated with an individual of the same name and the approximate date of issue aligns with your applicant’s birth date.

Important Note About This Service: In the event that a social security number doesn’t trace, it does not automatically mean that the person is in this country illegally. In many instances, especially as it applies to younger people or those new to the country, but lawful residents, the lack of information can mean that the person has not established credit in their name. It is a common misconception that a Social Security Trace is conducted through the Social Security Administration and can be used to determine a person’s legal status in this country. This assumption is incorrect as neither an employer, nor a screening provider is not eligible to query the Social Security Administration until the person becomes an employee. The E-Verify – Legal Residency Verification should be utilized to verify if the social security number is the candidate’s.

KRESS can provide you with current address information, as well as death index information from the Social Security Administration, through a standard social security trace. As a standalone service, this information proves especially helpful when employers are required to maintain communication with retired or former employees for various benefits, tax and financial reporting.

E-Authorize is the enterprise employment screening tool that combines Invite the Applicant and Electronic Wet Signature (EWS), so employers can spend less time ordering background checks and more time making the right hiring decision. Our electronic wet signature technology allows applicants to provide a legally compliant signature using a computer mouse. This process ensures total compliance because the signature is always acquired before the background check is performed. Learn more or see a complimentary demo of our newest service.

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