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7 Signs You’re Nearing a Burnout

Burnout isn’t always linked to long hours at the office. Instead, there are many other signs that we can look for to see if we or our colleagues are headed towards burnout. Factors contributing to burnout can vary, from poor work/life balance to a lack of resources or stressful workplace relationships. If you notice any of these signs, it may mean that you’re headed for a workplace burnout:

Burnout Indicators

  • Constant Exhaustion
    You’re always exhausted, even when you’ve had plenty of sleep. You may even wake up exhausted or feel this way both emotionally and physically. These are symptoms of some health problems, but are commonly linked to professional burnout as well.
  • Work is Always on the Mind
    If you aren’t able to stop thinking about work and it dominates even your free time and vacations, this can be a problem. These thoughts are also usually accompanied by feelings of dread that may affect your day-to-day life.
  • Increased Irritability
    It’s usual for co-workers to annoy us, but heightened senses of irritability both at home and work are signs of being overwhelmed and can even lead to anger. If minor incidents or interactions lead you to feel this way, burnout may be a factor.
  • Loss of Enjoyment
    Many of us enjoy our daily work and feel a sense of satisfaction from it. If you’ve lost the joy of your work, this is a sign of depression and burnout. You may also no longer feel satisfied with your personal life or find your hobbies exciting.
  • Frequent Work Absences
    Those suffering from burnout are often unmotivated to go into work and are late more often than their colleagues. You may find yourself frequently looking for excuses to miss work or come in late.
  • Lack of Trust
    Cynicism can become rampant among those who are burnt out. You may find that you’re no longer trusting of your colleagues or boss, and that you feel isolated and pessimistic.
  • Poor Work Performance
    This is the most common and noticeable sign. In areas where you once excelled, you’re falling behind or finding many mistakes in your work. This can be from a lack of motivation or even the health problems your stress and depression are causing.

Burnout is a serious problem for many employees in a range of industries, but hope isn’t lost if you feel this way. There are things you can do to improve your mood and work performance. To read more on combatting workplace burnout, read our article on what to do next.

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