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Social Media Screening Done Right

KRESS’s social media screening is a background screening solution that utilizes web and social data. We help companies use bias-free public content in their employment decisions without a messy, complicated workflow to accomplish compliant screening practices with values-based goals.

Intolerance, sexism, and violence are leading concerns at all levels of the employee lifecycle. Our social media screening HR solution summarizes problematic online behavior and complements existing background screenings to identify trustworthy job candidates for a safe and productive workplace.

Avoid hiring a job candidate that:

  • Demonstrates acts of racism or intolerance.
  • Demonstrates acts of illegal activity.
  • Demonstrates violent conduct.
  • Promotes sexually explicit material.

The benefits of KRESS’s social media screening:

  • Screening that’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and Federal Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant, as well as compliant with state privacy laws.
  • Ensures job candidate is identified with name, date of birth, email, and more to guarantee accuracy.
  • Offers a better sense of the job candidate’s values and morals thus proving if they are right fit for workplace culture.
  • Employers should be aware if a job candidate has shared offensive content on social media platforms that promotes intolerance, illegal activity, violence, or is explicit. This type of behavior can adversely affect the workplace.
  • Provides insights to job candidate without prying into their personal life so the job candidate can rest easy.
  • Employers can rest easy with KRESS’s automated adverse action if adverse action is found, as it plays an integral role in social media screening.

We combine innovative technology with human intelligence to identify any flagged information, so employers and hiring managers can make a well-informed hiring decision. Our reports are 100-percent FCRA and EEOC compliant and act in accordance with the data privacy law. We do not use web-scraping services, rely on bots, or misuse user data. The key to our accurate social media screenings is our partnerships with social media platforms to ensure compliance with user terms and conditions. Here is what our clients receive:

Cutting Edge Technology

Our social media screening enables an efficient and accurate analysis of all types of media, from text to images to videos, given appropriate consideration of context in the case of parody, sarcasm, or innuendo.

User Compliance

No scraping, bots, or misuse of user data. KRESS partners with social media platforms to ensure compliance with user terms and conditions.

Beyond Screening

Our team of HR experts provide a personal touch. We can help customize your plan to apply online data to your screening workflow, code of conduct, and policies.

Comprehensive Insight

Every KRESS social media screening report includes an analysis and categorized supplemental data of publicly available problematic content as well as the context in which it was shared.

Talk to an HR expert at KRESS who can help create and implement a social media screening policy that fits your company’s needs. You are our priority, and our job is to make your job easier—that’s the KRESS difference.

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