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How to Spot Bad Background Checks

Bad background checks are easy to spot if you know what you’re looking for, and this is a talent that every HR manager should acquire. A subpar background check provider could be putting your company at risk financially and legally or sending you inadequate reports, which may affect your hiring decisions. There are a few factors to look out for in order to spot background checks that may contain (or leave out) pertinent information:

  1. Their turnaround times are fast—way too fast.
    KRESS Employment Screening completes 85 percent of screens in less than 24 hours, but some applicants will require more searches and information verification. If your background check provider sends back reports within only a few hours every time, then this is a sign that they may be using public databases that are outdated, incomplete, and unreliable.
  2. Every applicant is too good to be true.
    Fifty-six percent of employers find an applicant who lies on their resume. Your background check vendor should catch these fibs, and if they’re using these public databases or surface-level internet searches, they won’t find the information you need.
  3. They cut corners.
    When is the last time you saw a one-page contract? Think about it—most likely never. Many pre-employment background screening vendors will send you a one-page release form for applicants to sign, but using the wrong form can put you at financial risk.
  4. They can’t keep their facts straight.
    Does your vendor send you reports full of additional names, followed by “This may or may not be your candidate?” By KRESS’ standards, this is unacceptable.
  5. They expose you to SST lawsuits.
    Social security traces are a delicate matter. If your report tells you more than where your candidate currently lives, it could be setting you up for a lawsuit. Your vendor needs to know exactly what information can and can’t be provided to you.

As an HR manager, it’s up to you to facilitate finding the best candidates, and that mission begins with securing a reliable background check provider. Contact KRESS Employment Screening today for a custom quote or to run a free sample background check on your next candidate.

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