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We’ve all known someone who has done it. Maybe even you have done it: lying on your résumé or a job application. The average job posting receives more than 100 applicants, so it can be tempting for many applicants to try to stand out. This poses a problem for many recruiters and hiring managers.


Hiring applicants with false qualifications can have consequences for employers. Unqualified employees harm productivity, and termination and rehiring can be costly. When you’re looking for your next hire, keep these tips in mind in order to spot dishonest candidates.


You can’t always spot a fibbing candidate from a résumé alone. Start during the interview process by using behavioral interviewing techniques. Ask detailed questions about a candidate’s work experience. Pay close attention to the level of detail in their response. The quality of their response will give you insight into whether they are telling the truth. For example, if the applicant claims to have management experience, ask for examples of how the person has hired, fired, and trained employees in the past.


The next step is to purchase a quality background check. A detailed report will tell you if the candidate is really who they say they are or if they’ve stolen an identity. Verification screenings, such as those performed by KRESS, will be even more detailed. Verification screenings can verify degrees and certifications, work experience, and more. In certain positions, a background check and verification screening also helps to shield your company from liability in some cases if the employee turns out to have false credentials.


Extensive reference checks are also an important key to learning more about candidates. Don’t rely only on the references that the candidate supplies. Instead, call previous employers and speak to managers or former colleagues that are not listed by the candidate. These references will be caught off-guard and provide more candid answers, since most references provided by candidates have been asked to say only positive things.


Don’t let suave candidates pull a fast one on you. To ensure your candidates are the right fit for the job, use verification screenings. Contact KRESS today for a free sample report.