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How to Spot Your Star Employees

Even when your company has no upcoming promotions or new positions, it’s always a good idea to stay on the lookout for those star employees who will be most deserving of a promotion.

They care about more than their own success.

The challenge every business owner has is finding an employee who cares about their business as much as they do. While not all employees are in it just for the paycheck, they still may not care about the business’ success to the extent that you would like. However, there are times when you will find an employee who is a true believer in your mission and cares about the success of the business almost as much as you do.

So, how do you spot these employees? They may not always be those who come in early and stay late, but they dedicate the time it takes to achieve perfection. They’re always full of new ideas and offer constructive criticism when the rest of the team is silent. They go out of their way to ensure the happiness of clients and fellow employees to encourage success across the board, even outside their own department and role. Take note of these moments and encourage them.

They listen and nurture ideas.

Meetings can be the most boring part of any day. We all know that. Your star employees will take this time to nurture the best ideas and make the most of any meeting. Rather than making chit chat with everyone else, they take this time to think. When a good idea arises, however, they encourage discussion and listen carefully.

Even better, they take what they’ve been listening to and put it in action. Many grand ideas thought up in meetings fizzle out the moment everyone exits the conference room. Star employees won’t let that happen, so expect an action plan from them.

They mentor naturally.

Every team will have employees with varying skill levels and abilities. You will spot your star employees taking on challenging tasks, and also bringing over their coworker to explain what they’re doing to share the knowledge. Mentoring shows respect for their team as well as the company as a whole. For those who are natural mentors, consider creating a buddy program or asking them to set aside time to mentor each newcomer to their department to encourage them.

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