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Make the right hire and streamline background checks with KRESS’s easy Invite the Applicant HR tool. One of the most tedious aspects of an HR team’s responsibilities is entering and verifying information on an applicants’ background checks. For applicants, on the other hand, the trying work often comes in the form of typing up their falsified education history. That’s right—one of the most common pieces of falsified information on resumes is an applicant’s education.

Some companies have a tedious method for entering the candidate’s personal information online during the ordering process that makes you wonder, “Wasn’t this supposed to save me time?” KRESS offers a solution to this practice. KRESS features the ‘invite the applicant’ HR tool that includes E-signatures, an electronic wet signature.

Inviting the applicant allows HR teams to let job applicants enter their data for background and criminal checks, education and professional verifications, and credentialing in four simple steps.


Enter the identity and email address of your applicant, and we’ll send them an email inviting them to enter their personal information.


By allowing the applicant to enter their personal information into our secure system, you reduce the risk of incorrect entries and save your department time.


Once KRESS receives the personal information, we automatically run the background check, verification, and credentialing of their work history and education.


Eighty-five percent of reports are completed in 48 hours or less. By logging into our online dashboard, you can easily reorder employee background screenings and view reports.

Through this process, applicants feel as though they are taking additional action and are a part of their vetting process. This agency increases engagement and happiness. It also lets applicants know that their privacy is a top priority to you.

Discover the benefits of KRESS’ invite the applicant tool:

  • Reduce time spent on data entry
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Simple, quick forms for candidates
  • User-friendly experience
  • Available in Spanish and French

KRESS also ensures compliant practices such as the privacy of the applicant by employing advanced data security practices. Policies ensure the source of information is reliable and there are copies of every document acquired through the verification process.

Discover how to streamline your background checks and contact us today for a consultation. We’ll help identify the ideal pre-employment screening package for your business.