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5 Team-Building Games to Play on Halloween!

Everyone needs to have a little fun on Halloween! When planning your office’s Halloween party festivities, consider adding in a few team building exercises and game to add to the fun. Holiday parties are the perfect time to round up the troops, but if you’re stuck in a rut for activity ideas, we have five simple ways to incorporate team building:

  1. Lotería
    We’ve all seen Lotería at some point. Similar to bingo, this game of chance is a fun, laid back activity for the whole gang. Pick up a set of cards and beans to use as markers, and you’re set. Of course, any game featuring El diablito and La muerte is perfect for Halloween!

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  2. What’s My Name?
    Everyone will join in on Heads Up! or What’s My Name! There is an app with endless categories, or you can play the old fashioned way, with note cards and tape. In this game, you instruct co-workers to write down the name of a famous person or fictional character, then have them exchange the cards without looking. Have them tape the note cards to their heads, then they can ask each other yes/no questions to discover who they are! You can even add in a themed twist and encourage scary movie characters or Halloween-related fictional characters.
  3. Pictionary
    This is the easiest game of all to add a Halloween twist to. Make a list of Halloween-themed cards for employees to randomly choose from and have them draw on a white board or large notepad. Try splitting the teams up randomly rather than letting them choose their own or going by department to encourage even more team bonding.
  4. Birthday Lineup
    If you’re looking for a quick game, Birthday Lineup is fast and easy. While everyone remains quiet, attempt to line up in order of your birthday months and days! Try setting a timer for just a few minutes as well. When everyone is lined up, from beginning to end, announce the month and day of their birthdays to see how you all did! This is best when played with less than 20 employees.
  5. Truths and Lies
    Another quick game is one we’ve all played. Two Truths and a Lie! Gather around and go around the circle, telling the group two truths and one lie, then see how many of your coworkers can guess the lie.

Now, the only question is if you should play a game before or after the costume contest! Are you a KRESS client? We want to see your office costumes! Send us a photo via Facebook or email at to be featured in our next newsletter.

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