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The Best Way to Check Employee Driving Records

Every time an organization grants an employee the keys to a company vehicle, that organization is placing tremendous responsibility into the hands of the driver. Every action taken behind the wheel of that vehicle will be tied to the company, and an accident could be disastrous for the company’s reputation, not to mention the safety and health of the driver and others. If anyone were to sustain serious injury with your driver behind the wheel, the resulting legal action taken against your company could be financially devastating. With stakes that high, employers must exercise extreme caution when determining whether or not a current or prospective employee is fit to operate a motor vehicle during their employment.

To adequately limit the risk of this decision, it is crucial that an employer conducts a driving background check. KRESS’s driving history screening is the fastest and easiest way to identify candidates or employees with unsafe driving records.

This screening process includes a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) check, which reports on a job candidate’s driving history as compiled from the relevant state Department of Motor Vehicles. KRESS’s screening process can use this report to check driver’s license information, point history, violations, convictions, license status changes, and any usage restrictions.

KRESS even offers screening for commercial drivers by checking the Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS). The CDLIS exists to keep a record of every commercial driver in the country and ensure that only one driver’s license and record exists for each driver.

KRESS’s system is simple, fast, and offers great discounts for bulk orders. KRESS recommends that employers rescreen their drivers on an annual basis to prevent any liability issues, so don’t wait any longer. Contact KRESS today!

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