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The Future of HR, Talent Acquisition, Drug Testing in California

In today’s Weekend Roundup, we take a look at how HR can reinforce a more dynamic workforce by focusing on identity, agility, and scalability when hiring. And as job duties change during the pandemic, it’s essential to update job descriptions. California legalization advocates, including a legislator, are calling on the state to change employment laws prohibit California workplaces from using evidence of past marijuana use. Click the headlines below to learn more.

The New Possible: How HR Can Help Build The Organization Of The Future

Business leaders watching their organizations experience profound upheaval because of the COVID-19 crisis may find it difficult to understand what it all means until the dust settles. Supply-chain recovery in coronavirus times—plan for now and the future. But, the pandemic hasn’t afforded them, or any of us, that luxury. It has created profound and immediate changes to how societies operate and how individuals interact and work. We have all witnessed an at-scale shift to remote work, the dynamic reallocation of resources, and the acceleration of digitization and automation to meet changing individual and organizational needs.

Updating Job Descriptions During the Pandemic

Job descriptions are often dubbed the workhorses of HR documentation—and justifiably so. When thoughtfully crafted, they can be used as building blocks for conducting successful workforce planning, setting salary and grade levels, and meeting compliance requirements. They also play an important role in performance reviews, employee career development and even recruitment. Often, job descriptions are updated in conjunction with annual performance reviews or as part of the recruiting process to refill a position. However, because many employers these days are asking their workers to take on greater responsibilities as a result of cost constraints brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, now might be an opportune time to review these documents.

California Bill Would Ban Most Pre-Employment Drug Tests For Marijuana

A new bill introduced in the state legislature seeks to prohibit California workplaces from using evidence of past marijuana use—such as that gathered during a urine or hair test — as a reason to deny someone a job. The effort comes five years after Californians voted to legalize recreational weed. But for many seeking jobs in state government, cannabis use can be an obstacle to getting hired. Job applicants in the private sector who use marijuana on their personal time can also be disqualified.

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