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The Most Important Public Records in a Background Check

Any halfway-decent background screening that an employer runs on a job candidate is going to be checking through that applicant’s public records. However, when you get your report back, which records are the most important to look at?

This is a trick question—they’re all important. Any time a background check omits a public record, there could be crucial information left undisclosed that would affect the hiring decision on any given candidate.

To keep HR departments and hiring managers as informed as possible, KRESS offers a plethora of public records in its background screening packages to serve the exact needs of your organization.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the public record searches that your team can receive from KRESS:

 Civil Record Searches: KRESS conducts these searches on a county and federal level to determine any civil actions filed by/against the candidate. All records include date of filing, suit description, disposition date, entire disposition, and identifiers used to locate the case. Federal records do not appear in county record information.

Criminal Record Searches: KRESS conducts these checks on a county, statewide, and federal level. County criminal record searches are used to determine if an applicant/employee has a felony and/or misdemeanor in the court being researched. The Statewide Criminal Record Search databases cast a wider net on determining if your candidate has a criminal record, but users are encouraged to use this search in conjunction with a County Criminal Record Search.

The Federal Criminal Record Search includes activity tried in Federal District Courts typically involves violations of the Constitution or other federal law.

Global Watch Search: The Global Watch Search is an instant tool that cross-references your candidate’s name against over 130 worldwide known terrorist and fugitive databases that include prohibited parties considered to be a threat to global and national security. This search is commonly used to identify persons deemed as a threat by the United States, to identify any risks or associations that may deem an applicant dangerous, or for Patriot Act Compliance.

National Criminal Search Index: The National Criminal Search Index is an aggregate database search of over 300 million records from various sources throughout the United States based on name and date of birth information. We recommend using this search in conjunction with the County Criminal Record Search.

International Background Search: All international searches are performed in accordance with the European Union and Global Information Exchange privacy rights following the proper local protocols in each country searched. We can provide Criminal Record Searches in over 200 countries.

Sex Offender Registry Search: The Sex Offender Registry Search, which contains listings of more than 800,000 registered sex offenders, is compiled from violent and sex offender registries in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, which contains listings of more than 800,000 registered sex offenders.

With the wide scope of KRESS’s public records, any HR team can conduct a background search on a global scale to prevent a history of criminal activity from slipping through the cracks. Contact a KRESS expert to identify the records that are right for your business to check today!

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