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The Undefeated Job Post

It’s a job seekers market! With the unemployment rate at an all-time low, creating job postings that are compelling and accurate is necessary for snagging that prime candidate. It’s imperative to take the necessary steps to ensure your post gains the interest of the right candidates. Here are a few tips to keep in mind the next time you publish a job opening.

1. Be Personable: Attract job candidates by being personable. There is no need for wordy job descriptions that use all the SAT words in the book. Creating job descriptions with a sense of humor and personality are attractive to job seekers. They showcase company culture and are enticing.
2. Keywords Matter: When writing a job post, always consider the job seeker’s behavior. What are they searching for? More than 90 percent of job seekers look for a manager role rather than a supervisor role. It’s all in the terminology, so if you can’t modify a job title, be sure to use keywords in the description.
3. Specify Location: Location matters! Job seekers aren’t looking for a long commute and it can be frustrating when they can’t determine a physical address for a job posting. Always specify the company’s location to ensure you capture a job seeker’s attention.
4. List a Salary Range: End the charade and let job seekers know what to expect. A salary range is the strongest deciding factor on when to apply for a job or not.
5. Highlight Job Duties: Be honest and realistic. A job post should focus on key responsibilities not cramming three jobs into one. A job often has room for growth and mobility, but start with the basics and be sensible.
6. Talk About the Company: Your company is awesome; so let job seekers know that. As much as location is important, company culture and its values are also important. Employees develop loyalty and align themselves with their companies making it harder for them to part.
7. Touch on the Schedule: Finding the harmony between work and personal life is the American dream, but being forthright with schedules and flexibility is a definite bonus job seekers will appreciate.
8. Tout your Benefits: Spell out your policies for vacation, sick days, holidays, and personal days. If you have a great 401K package, tout it. These are all deciding factors when candidates apply for a job. Most importantly, medical benefits and retirement are all things taken into consideration.
9. Be Thoughtful: Having a non-discrimination policy listed on a job posting isn’t only there for legal mumbo jumbo. It’s a reflection of your company’s tolerance for equality and inclusion.
10. Include a Point of Contact: Job seekers may have questions, and being able to email or give an HR manager a call is helpful.

Job postings are the first touch point a candidate has with your company, so be concise, realistic, and thoughtful. You want to attract the best candidates. KRESS is an industry leader with the expertise and skills necessary to help vet a job candidate. We provide comprehensive pre-employment screening services that can tell you all the relevant details about a candidate’s history, including résumé and education verification. We work with both small and large businesses. Contact us now to get started screening candidates today!

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