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The Wave of 2020 is Training! And No, It’s Not a Workout.

As the clock struck midnight on December 31, a new year and a new decade began. With that comes change, such as the new laws taking effect on January 1. As we turn the page on a new calendar year, we’ve pinpointed a few HR trends on the horizon for 2020.

Training for Harassment Prevention: Awareness of harassment in the workplace continues to drive the need for more effective prevention training. As an HR professional or hiring manager, it’s important to engage employees in training techniques such as bystander intervention skills and positive, professional, and behavior. The EEOC and academic research has determined that these types of training will be far more effective than what was provided in the past.

Retaliation in The Workplace: Training seems to be a key trend in 2020, but knowledge is power. By placing systems that proactively check in with employees to assure they understand how and why retaliation occurs as well as the legal and cultural damage it can cause to a company is key in retaliation prevention. There has been a shift, and employees are now more outspoken when it comes to harassment—thus retaliation in the workplace isn’t something HR can ignore.

Improving Workplace Culture: A common misconception is that workplace culture should be organic and initiated by its employees. However, looking towards a company’s leadership is the wave of 2020. Holding management or leadership accountable by leading by example, is a trend for implementing positive workplace culture by demonstrating and reinforcing company values. Training managers in the key skills of conflict management and culture binding topics will reinforce a beneficial workplace culture.

Is your business prepared to contend with the top HR trends of 2020? If not, the time to act is now. Contact KRESS today to ensure that your business does not face undue risk of legal liability due to non- compliance with employment laws. Call us for a consultation at 888.636.3693 and we’ll help ensure that your company stays ahead of the trends, not behind them.



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