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Tips for Successful Virtual Interviews

The age of virtual interviews is upon us, especially now as most of America’s workforce is working remotely due to the coronavirus and conducting a successful one is critical for vetting job candidates. Here are a few tips from the experts at KRESS:
  1. Remove distractions: It’s as easy as putting your smartphone away and distancing yourself from distractions in the office or at home. Make sure you’re in a quiet space and are solely focused on your candidate.
  2. Test your technology: Technology has become a vital aspect of our day-to-day rhythm and now more than ever we are dependent upon it. Before your interview make sure the audio and picture are clear and functioning.
  3. Communicate honestly: Vetting a candidate during this time is taking longer and it’s essential to show them their time and efforts are valued. Keeping them well-informed of the process is a common courtesy, as well.
  4. Start with a strategy: Crafting questions and knowing what skills and traits your company is looking for is essential to finding the right candidate. Reviewing the job description and job post can be very helpful before an interview.
  5. Reinforce your brand: It’s important the job candidate understands the mission and values of your company in order to make the right fit for your company. You can convey this message at all steps of the interview process.

If you’re looking for the top candidates available for an open position, KRESS can help. We’re a highly experienced and trusted pre-employment screening services company that helps large and small businesses narrow down a stack of résumés into the very best candidates for the job.


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