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Top 10 Hardest Jobs to Fill This Year: A Weekend Roundup

If you’re having trouble filling finance, healthcare, or technology positions, you’re not alone. These industries are the toughest to hire for in 2017, according to a new study released by CareerCast. The study showed that more companies are hiring this year, leading to a shortage of skilled applicants in sectors with the highest demand.

There’s a shortage of eligible workers with the right qualifications in many fields, but these are the top 10 most affected by the shortage:

  1. Data scientist
  2. Financial advisor
  3. General and operations manager
  4. Home health aide
  5. Information security analyst
  6. Medical services manager
  7. Physical therapist
  8. Registered nurse
  9. Software engineer
  10. Truck driver

Data Science

While data science was previously a highly specialized career, it’s now prevalent in every industry. Glassdoor reported that the number of jobs listings including “data scientist’ in the title have grown significantly in the past few years. Data scientists are now in demand in government, healthcare, finance, large retailers, and more.

Information Security

It’s becoming more apparent each year that information security needs to be a priority for every large business. There is increasing demand for skilled IT professionals, and it will only continue to increase as data becomes more widely shared.


In today’s job market, one in every five available positions is in healthcare. The shortage is caused by a rapidly aging population in the U.S. Nursing and health-aid roles will continue to be in high demand as Baby Boomers age.

Truck Drivers

CareerCast forecasted that the trucking industry will need an additional 100,000 workers within the next seven years. Many drivers left trucking for other industries during the 2008 economic crisis, but as the economy improved, a shortage grew. This has been complicated by other factors causing a labor shortage. The truck-driving workforce is aging, and fewer high school graduates are attempting to enter the field.

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