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Top Five FAQs for Background Checks

Background checks can seem like a daunting task for employers, hiring managers, and the human resources department (HR), between EEOC and FCRA compliance, drug testing, ensuring they are timely there is a lot to keep track of and that’s were the HR experts at KRESS come in. KRESS has more than 30 years of screening solution experience and they have seen it all. So, let’s take a look at the top five frequently asked questions our experts get from companies looking to implement a secure and efficient background check policy.

What does a background check consist of?

A background check will screen for different criteria, such as identity, public records, driving records, verification, and credentialing of education and previous work history.

How long will it take to complete the background check?

Generally, we return comprehensive background checks in two or three business days. Some checks such as credit reports and other database-related checks can be completed on the same business day.

Do I need a release from the job candidate or employee?

You should obtain a signed release from any job candidate or employee that will be subject to a background check. Keep a copy of the signed release in your own files. We recommend you copy the Summary of Rights (as required by the FCRA) on the back side of the release, so you are sure it was provided.

Is the job candidate’s or employee’s information secure?

At KRESS we value and protect privacy and secure all personal information. Read more about our Screening Privacy Statement here.

Why should I do a county criminal check if a statewide criminal search is available?

KRESS has all-encompassing packages that give you the most information in one, easy-to-order package. The simple truth is that there are good reasons to do both county and state searches. In general, though, county criminal searches are the most complete form of criminal background check search, requiring a researcher to physically visit the court and review records. Statewide criminal searches are based on databases run by the state or private firms and rely on the county courts to submit records to them. Not all courts participate, so statewide databases are sometimes incomplete. However, they can be useful in augmenting the county criminal searches done in areas of known residency.

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