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Labor Day was a week ago, and summer vacation season is drawing to a close. But, did you take your vacation time? If not, there are good reasons to schedule a ski trip. While a select few companies can offer limited vacations, the truth is, almost half of Americans will leave vacation on the table. If you’re on the list, increase your productivity and boost your mood with a little vacation time.

Lexology: When are employees entitled to get paid for accrued but unused paid time off?

Payback for unused time off may be the norm in your industry, but it may not be required. If you’re unsure, consult your employment lawyer and make sure your policy is set. Walgreens was recently taken to court, but they won because of a clear employment policy.

Huffington Post: 9 reasons to take a vacation ASAP, according to science

In honor of Labor Day, we’d like to point out the mounting evidence that Americans labor plenty but don’t necessarily enjoy the benefits of time off. 40 percent of Americans don’t plan on using all their vacation this year, and they may or may not be reimbursed. This article points to 9 proven benefits of time off. Some companies are going so far as to reimburse their employees who take a non-working vacation.

And, we know it’s hot. Since it’s proven your productivity is declining due to the end-of-summer heat, we wanted to make sure you are up-to-date on a few other key developments in employment.