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Watching regulation while looking to the future: Small business weekend roundup

Small business owners, more than most, have to straddle the present and the future. Right now, business owners have an eye on the government because of the recent increase in FCRA lawsuits and numerous regulations in 2014. In addition, businesses have to be ready or the modern economy, which is changing its requirements faster than ever. KRESS will help you stay one step ahead this week.

Wall Cheat Sheet: New Regulations That Could Impact Your Small Business

While all of the regulations mentioned are ones that we knew were coming, none of them have been easy to deal with. First on the list was the Affordable Care Act, which has been a headache for businesses and consumers since its inception. Interestingly, Ban the Box legislation made the list. Even though the areas currently implementing ban the box is small, it is a growing trend to be aware of in 2015. (By the way, Ban the Box also made the list of top regulations affecting employers this year on the Huffington Post.

Inc.: The True Reason Companies Die [VIDEO]
Mark Cuban calls business owners to be a bit more neurotic in their approach. In his video, he shares that someone is always after your customer, and unless you’re better, faster, more valuable to your customer, you won’t have your business tomorrow.

Inc.: Mobile Use Has Prevailed: Is Your Business Ready?

Image: Getty images

Small businesses are either mobile friendly by design or struggling to mobile at all. It’s time to make that leap, no matter which business you are in. Even though this may seem daunting at first, the technology available really does make this possible for all business no matter how small. This week, Inc. also focused on modern SEO, so if you’re upgrading your web presence to be mobile-ready, you might as well get the SEO right as well.


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