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Weekend Round Up: The ADA and Workforce Substance Abuse

Sept. 7—Sept. 8, 2014 “Court: ADA Requires Accommodating Employees with Angry Outbursts”

According to a recent lawsuit, the employee listed angry outbursts directed at subordinates, among the symptoms of his physical ailments. The article goes on to list other issues in the case, including Sugar Bear. It also points out how unlikely it is that your company will be prosecuted for demanding better behavior from your employees.

Inc.: “Company Execs See Grim Future for Workers

“U.S. workers face a dim future, with stagnant or falling pay and fewer openings for full-time jobs.” A study of Harvard Business School alumni paints this bleak picture, and he points out that the negative impact on the economy is exacerbated by the fact that there are fewer skilled workers available—the “War for Talent” McKinsey warned about nearly 20 years ago.

Inc.: The 2014 Inc. 5000

The annual list is out of the fastest growing private companies in America.

Fast Company: “Which Profession Has the Highest Rate of Drug Abuse?”

The highest rate of drug abuse, by profession, is from food services, followed by construction workers. Sales professionals come in fourth.

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