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Weekend Round Up: The EEOC and disputing common wisdom

HR Director: “What If Employees Actually Were an Asset?”

Even though the analogies are British, the concept applies. Common wisdom says that “employees are our greatest asset”, but are they really? What if we thought about our employees as an asset, as sports teams do, and helped them perform better in a holistic fashion? Would it lead to a better workforce?

Inc.: “How You Can Hire Highly Motivated Employees”

On this front, common hiring practices may have it wrong. Often, hiring managers are looking for people who are self-motivated. The better question is, where is the motivation coming from? If you are hiring an administrator, but his job is linked to a bigger purpose that motivates him, he’ll complete his job with drive and focus. The motivation is in part in the person, but also in the job they are being asked to do.

Want better employees? Perform background checks.

Background screening is increasing in popularity, not only because of the legislative requirements, but also because better screens make better employees. Screening makes sure that you hire the best candidates, and those candidates, when hired after a screening process are more likely to stay, according to the infographic published in Workforce.

Politico: “In first, EEOC sues over anti-transgender discrimination”

Two companies are under fire after terminating employees who decided, during the course of their employment, to present as the opposite gender. These lawsuits are a first for the EEOC, and they represent the culmination of equality policies based on gender put in place in 2012.

Fistful of Talent: “Five Things You Need to Know”

The economics of paternity leave, the nightmare NFL players would present for HR in real life, ageism and paternity leave—it’s all here this week. Don’t miss the article about Millennials and the new economy—what they’re experiencing with multiple jobs, freelancing and personal branding, is likely on the horizon for all of us.


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