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Weekend Round Up: Employee Handbooks and 2015

As the year draws to a close, it is the perfect time to consider those things that we think of as sacrosanct. Have you read through your employee handbook lately, considered your hiring process, or re-evaluated your daily activities? You can make 2015 better by evaluating where you are today and considering small tweaks to the way forward.

TLNT: When An Employee Handbook Goes Beyond What the Law Requires

Your employee handbook could serve as a legally enforceable document in court, even if the rules laid out therein go beyond what the law requires. As the year is coming to a close, it may be time to take a close look and see if your handbook says precisely what you mean. Remember, this year the courts have made numerous decisions focused on employee handbooks, including:

  • Supporting freedom of speech on social media
  • Ending the enforceability of the taboo on discussing salaries
  • Giving employees a right to express their emotions, even when they are not aligned with company policy

Inc.: 14 Ways to Identify a Toxic Employee in an Interview

You may ask for references, but do you actually call them?  Many of the tips to avoid hiring toxic employees are, in short, to do the things you know you’re supposed to do in interviews but often overlook because you have a “feeling” about the employee. Once again, the point is made that the gut is not a reliable tool for interviewing and finding the best person for the position. Also, there is a recommendation to ask behavioral questions. If you need behavioral interviewing techniques, see our latest series on assessing a candidate for more.

Tim Sackett: You’re Scared to Make HR Simple

This year, Essentialism was one of the top business books. More and more people are touting Simple as the new Black, but what does that really mean? Sackett argues that we could make things simpler, if we really wanted to. But, as long as we value face time, task completion and visibility over true productivity, things will remain complex. Can you make HR simple, or are you a bit terrified of the ramifications?

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