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Weekend Round Up: Employee Health and Holidays

December 13–December 14, 2014

In the next few weeks, we have the potential fun of the holiday parties and the opportunity to turn over a new leaf. While many people view this through a personal lens, HR has the opportunity to magnify this through your company. Can you improve employee health this year?

Image: Getty Images

Inc.: “Work Healthier in 2015”

If employee health falls under your purview, it’s time to consider how new tech (and new twists on old ideas) can help your employees in 2015. With the changes to health insurance in the past year, your employees’ health affects your bottom line. While you can’t change the New Year’s party, you can change the Friday morning donuts. And, your employees will likely thank you.

TLNT: “Enforced Holiday Fun: A 100 Percent Preventable Employee-Morale Issue”

HR typically mans the holiday party planning, but what happens when not everyone is getting into the spirit? The solution may be to simply let them be a Scrooge and consider that it might be best for business. When planning, consider that not everyone has the same idea of fun, and what might be an amazing beer Friday for some might be another noisy and draining work event for others.

Reuters: “U.S. Top Court Rejects Worker Pay for Security-Screening Time”

When this case first went to court, we weighed in on the possible ramifications. The court ruled that we do, after all, have to stand in line on our own dime, regardless of the employer’s requirements.

Fast Company: “Where the Men Aren’t Working”

In some parts of the U.S., between 50 and 80% of working age men are unemployed. While some of that is due to factors like disability, illness, child care and education, these numbers represent a definite shift in the composition of the U.S. economy and the workforce.

Image: New York Times


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