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Weekend Round Up: Hiring, Interviewing and Recruiting

October 18—October 19, 2014 “Recruiters Are From Mars, Job Seekers Are From Venus” [INFOGRAPHIC]

You say one thing, the candidate hears another (e.g., You say, “We’ll be in touch” and the candidate hears, “I’ll call you everyday with an update on your dream job.”) It may have been years since you’ve been in the job market—this article and infographic from Mashable provides a refresher that will help you keep the top candidates in your talent pool.



Inc.: Tim Gimbel: “My Favorite Interview Question” [VIDEO]

What’s that magic interview question that opens the candidate for you and lets you know if they are the right candidate for your company? Tim Gimbel has one—and it’s worth considering.

Fast Company: “You Know Your Company Needs More Women…

Google, Apple, facebook and Twitter—they have something in common other than being consistently ranked the best place to work. They also have a low proportion of women to men. So, why should you hire women, other than because it’s more socially acceptable? You should hire more women because of what they can do for your company. Read on.

Tim Sackett: “HR’s Ebola Crisis Plan”

If you’re in North Texas (or pretty much any other parts of the U.S.), this is becoming more of a reality. Companies and families are panicking, and school districts are calling home to every parent if they have had anyone who even remotely might have shared air space with someone who had shared air space with someone who had Ebola. Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon has now become Six Degrees of Ebola. Before you rewrite your HR policy, consider this.


Here’s the complete infographic for “Recruiters Are From Mars, Job Seekers Are From Venus” from Have a great Monday!

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