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Weekend Round Up: IRS, EEOC and HR in the C-suite

September 13-14, 2014

Inc.: “Free Food Makes Employees Happy, So Naturally the IRS Wants to Tax It

As if there weren’t enough tax codes currently that small businesses have to follow, the IRS is now looking to tax food supplied in the office, including lunches and snacks. Inc. magazine and the Washington Post both commented on the potential tax this weekend. Your morning muffin may be another line item in next year’s taxes.

EEOC: “McCormick & Schmick’s to Pay $1.3 Million and Provide Significant Injunctive Relief to Resolve EEOC Class Race Discrimination Suit”

The lawsuit against the two restaurants was based on racial discrimination in hiring because of the positions available to workers of certain races.

TLNT: “6 Critical Workforce Issues Companies Face”

Many of these are familiar: the Millennials are misunderstood, compensation is king, etc. But, the most compelling recurring idea is that the C-suite is out of touch. Again and again, HR has requested “a seat at the table” (and that jargon is at least 5 years old), but it seems that they are continuing to be rebuffed. As the talent gap widens and fewer and fewer companies are able to fill critical positions, HR will likely be invited to the C suite. However, it will likely be the hot seat they gain.

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