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Weekend Round Up: Merry Christmas HR

This week’s round up includes great tidbits for all the HR professionals still on the job—you’ve planned the holiday festivities, finished the Christmas cards, and completed the forecasting for 2015. However, there’s always something on your desk. This week, we’re wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy new year—and hoping you take time to celebrate this year.

Inc.: “How My Employees Helped Me Make $10M Selling Ugly Christmas Sweaters”

Image from

Sometimes, leading the charge is exhausting. And, sometimes, it’s counterproductive. Mochari tells how his employees’ insight led to a major launch in the business that has been incredibly profitable.

TLNT: “Surefire Ways to Bah Humbug Your Employees This Holiday Season”

As the holidays get closer, the holiday madness is increasing. Take time to recognize your employees’ scheduling conflicts are as valid as your own. Also, your reaction to stress tempters theirs, so find some Zen this holiday. If you’re looking for the anti-to do list for HR behavior this holiday, here it is.

Fast Company: Unplugging for the Holidays

Every major publication, this week, is urging us to unplug for the holidays. Are you ready? Get set? Unplug!

Tim Sackett: “HR’s Greeting Cards”

If you’re still addressing Christmas cards, Sackett offers a few ideas for the perfect HR templates for HR. Have you considered a card to “the high performing employee with overcompensation issue”? Wouldn’t it make your life just a bit easier?

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