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Weekend Roundup: COVID-19 and the Workforce, New Labor Rule, ‘Do Not Hire’


In this week’s Weekend Roundup, as the coronavirus spreads a large part of the American workforce is put in jeopardy as many don’t have sick leave or the means to take time away from work when they’re feeling ill.  A new rule from the National Labor Relations Board could potentially limit the obligation franchisors have when it comes to labor law and litigation.  In recent headlines, the Texas Education Agency is creating a “Do Not Hire” registry whose goal is to create a database for teacher investigations to be utilized when hiring teachers as part of the school finance reform bill. To learn more, click on the headlines below.

The Problem with Telling Sick Workers to Stay Home

As the coronavirus that has sickened tens of thousands in China spreads worldwide, it now seems like a virtual inevitability that millions of Americans are going to be infected with the flu-like illness known as COVID-19. Public-health officials in the United States have started preparing for what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is calling a “significant disruption” to daily life. Because more than 80 percent of cases are mild and many will show no symptoms at all, limiting the disease’s spread rests on the basics of prevention: Wash your hands well and frequently, cover your mouth when you cough, and stay home if you feel ill. But that last thing might prove to be among the biggest Achilles’ heels in efforts to stymie the spread of COVID-19. The culture of the American workplace puts everyone’s health at unnecessary risk.

Here’s How a New Labor Rule Could Make Things Tougher for Millions of Employees

A new rule from the National Labor Relations Board could limit the responsibility of franchise operators, such as McDonald’s, for the millions of employees who work for their franchisees.

The rule involves what is known as joint-employer status for that group of employees. The final rule issued by the three Republican members of the NLRB substantially narrows the instances where an employee could be found to have two employers rather than just one. There are currently no Democratic members of the labor board.

‘Do Not Hire’ Registry in Texas Will Show If Employees Had Inappropriate Relationships

A second Houston ISD teacher faces charges after accusations he inappropriately touched a kindergartner. James Bradley, 39, went before a judge on Tuesday. The allegations surfaced last year at Foster Elementary. Bradley somehow got another job at Lockhart Elementary School and worked until his arrest.
Former Kashmere Gardens Elementary teacher Raymon Williams is due back in court. He’s accused of indecency with a student. The incidents have left parents wondering how people are getting hired to work with children, despite a proven history of problems.

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