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Weekend Roundup: Diabetes, Politics on Social Media, and Benefits Research

As 2017 draws to a close, planning for 2018 is in full swing for most HR managers. This week’s Weekend Roundup features offer a few events and topics to keep in mind when updating your company’s employee handbook, planning new benefits, and improving your workplace’s culture. Here’s what you need to know this week:

Can You Be Fired for Political Social Media Posts?

You’ve most likely heard at least one of the many stories of employees being fired for getting political on their personal social media accounts. In this article, an attorney digs into these firings and potential legal ramifications. If your company has a social media policy, consider refreshing employees on its requirements. If you don’t have a policy, it’s time to draft one.

The Cost of Diabetes in the Workplace

Nearly all of us know someone with diabetes. A new Gallup report explores this prevalence and its cost to U.S. employers. More than six percent of full-time workers have Type 2 diabetes. On average, they miss 5.5 days of work per year due to the illness, costing employers $16 billion. There is a 26 percent decrease in the risk of diabetes among those who exercise for 2.5 hours per week or more, raising the topic of including gym memberships and wellness programs in employee benefits.

How Do Your Company’s Benefits Hold Up?

SHRM released its 2017 Employee Benefits Report. The report offers tips on expanding employee benefits. If you hire in competitive marketplaces, this report provides insight into how you can improve your benefits in order to attain top talent. The report found that in order to remain competitive, one-third of employers increased employee benefits in order to retain and attract employees.

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