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Weekend Roundup: EEOC Lawsuit, Employee Engagement, Fair Chance Hiring

In today’s Weekend Roundup, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) sues a staffing agency who didn’t accommodate an employee under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Entrepreneur gives you four strategies that promote employee engagement and keep your team on track while working remotely, and the Harvard Business Review examines how employers can implement fair chance hiring. Click the headlines below to learn more.

EEOC Sues Staffing Firm For Releasing Worker From Employment Over Drug Test Incident

The EEOC said it sued Airswift, alleging the staffing firm didn’t accommodate a worker as required under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

At the center of the lawsuit is a person who had worked at a natural gas facility in Gregory, Texas. The EEOC said the worker had thyroid and prostate cancer in remission; however, the worker told his employer that medication he was taking could lead to false positives on drug tests. The worker, a building superintendent, was taking medication to treat gastroesophageal reflux disease, a side effect of cancer treatment.

Four Work From Home Strategies That Will Keep Your Team on Track

As we navigate these uncertain times, keeping teams engaged without working face-to-face continues to be a real challenge for many businesses. On one hand, businesses don’t want to slow their operations down. But on the other hand, moving quickly at all costs can leave employees feeling overwhelmed, particularly as many have additional duties to fulfill at home.

The balance is tough. And more than ever before, the key to forging that balance lies in making sure employees are aligned to how their individual contributions piece into a long-term vision they are proud to build.

Give Job Applicants with Criminal Records a Fair Chance

This new decade has forced us to confront some harrowing truths — namely, that Black people and people of color don’t have the same access to fundamental resources. Business leaders in particular have an opportunity right now to help address some of the cracks in America’s social system, while also building more equitable, diverse, and overall stronger workplaces. They can start by implementing a practice called fair chance hiring.

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