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Weekend Roundup: EEOC Lawsuit, New Administration May Impact HR, Remote Work

In today’s Weekend Roundup, California, Maryland, and Minnesota are suing the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) for blocking state and local agencies’ access to employment information. Newly elected President Joe Biden is expected to attempt to change various federal regulations implemented by the Trump administration in terms of HR despite the pandemic. Adaptability and resiliency, self-motivation, communication, and collaboration are four essential soft skills for successful remote work. Click the headlines below to learn more.

California Sues EEOC Over Rule Limiting Access to Employment Information

A lawsuit filed on Friday in California federal court alleged the EEOC violated administrative procedures when it enacted a rule in January restricting access of annual employer information reports.

“Instead of doing only the bare minimum to support enforcement of anti-discrimination protections, the Trump administration is going in the opposite direction—obstructing state and local civil rights agencies along the way,” said California Xavier Attorney General Becerra.

How a New Administration May Impact HR

Given the election results, analysts expect the new Democratic reign will attempt to change many Trump administrative HR laws and regulations, despite the pandemic. This includes maintaining and expanding health care coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), calling for 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave, in which workers would receive up to 12 weeks of partial income funded through a payroll tax when they take time for serious health conditions, pregnancy, adoption, military caregiving, and more, and supporting a bill known as the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act that would significantly change labor relations laws. Other changes may include workplace immigration, minimum wage, retirement plans, marijuana legalization, and LFBTQ rights.

Four Essential Soft Skills for Successful Remote Work

The shift to remote work has been one of the biggest trends of 2020 and many industry forecasters believe a significant amount of work will continue to be remote in the years to come—even after the coronavirus is contained.

“Traits like adaptability and flexibility were important marks for a candidate, but not necessarily must-haves,” said Vice President of Lever, Annie Lin. “Now, if someone isn’t adaptable and flexible and open to frequent changes in priorities, that’s a deal breaker. In today’s new paradigm, flexibility, strong communication skills, and the ability to adapt as working conditions evolve are the most important qualities a candidate can have.”

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