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Weekend Roundup: Employer Protection, Hiring Remotely, Expectations for Job Candidates


In this week’s Weekend Round, a new Senate bill, Liability Shield (1), would protect employers from some coronavirus-related liabilities. The Society for Human Resource Management gives some insight into innovative ways to hire remotely. We also explore the importance of giving potential employees realistic expectations when hiring. Click the headlines below to learn more.

Employers Get Major Protections in GOP Liability Shield Bill (1)

The Senate Republicans’ sweeping bill to shield businesses from coronavirus-related liability includes significant proposals that would protect employers from a range of workplace laws while also attempting to enact what some call “radical” tort reform.

The bill’s safe harbor provision would immunize employers from lawsuits or enforcement actions connected to the virus under seven federal employment laws, including those that prohibit job bias, govern wages, and mandate minimum safety standards.

Innovative Ways Companies Convey Culture When Hiring Remotely

Both employers and job candidates have come to consider culture, and culture fit, as important elements when making or accepting offers. But in a world where much hiring is taking place remotely—often via video conferencing and tools like Zoom and Skype—how can companies adequately convey their culture? It’s a challenge that many HR professionals have taken on, and they have important insights to share.

The Importance of Setting Expectations When Hiring

Peter Voogd talks about the importance of letting potential employees know what to expect if they’re hired. This includes telling them what to expect from your company, both short- and long-term, and what their first 30 days will look like financially, emotionally and physically. Incongruent expectations, Voogd explains, cause employees to lose trust in you.

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