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Weekend Roundup: Google is Still Reputable, Holiday Workers, Divorces and Employees

In this week’s weekend roundup Google still reigns supreme as the world’s most reputable employer, despite sexual harassment charges, data privacy concerns, and anti-trust investigations. In other headlines, retail companies like Target and Amazon are scrambling to hire seasonal employees. Companies should take heed and be sure to have a thorough vetting process as some “Grinch” holiday employees wreak havoc with bad customer service. On a personal level, going through a divorce is always tough, but what about employers dealing with employees going through divorce? It’s a juggling act between being compassionate and remaining compliant. Click the headlines to read more below.

Despite Worker Complaints, Google Is Still World’s Most Reputable Employer

Google, the Internet search engine that promised to not “be evil,” is consistently the subject of bad news, including charges of sexual harassment, data privacy concerns, anti-trust investigations, and criticism—both internal and external—of projects with unpopular U.S. agencies and foreign governments.

Yet it retains its rank as the world’s most reputable employer for the second consecutive year, according to the Reputation Institute’s 2019 Global Workplace 100 study based on 230,000 individual ratings from online public surveys collected in the first quarter of 2019.

While Google maintained its first-place ranking as an employer, global perceptions of it as a company have declined from a year ago, resulting in a drop from 3rd to 14th. In the U.S., Google plummeted 63 spots, falling out of the top 100 for the first time.

Beware the Grinch: Why Employers Can’t Let Their Guards Down When Hiring Holiday Workers

As we dash into the lucrative holiday shopping season, employers are scrambling to hire temporary workers to extend their ranks. And, by all accounts, the season is expected to be a busy one as companies announce big plans to hire more workers — and fast.

In recent weeks, Target announced it was bringing on more than 130,000 seasonal workers to fill positions at its stores and distribution centers, up slightly from 127,500 in 2018. Amazon has plans to hire “tens of thousands.”

How to Avoid Missteps When an Employee Goes Through a Divorce

Employers must walk a tightrope between being professional but compassionate with employees going through a divorce, while remaining in compliance with employment and benefits laws.

Sometimes employees going through a divorce falter and must be counseled on poor performance. Other times, they may need someone at work to simply listen as they talk about what they are going through.

“Direct the worker to your employee assistance program if you have one,” said Faith Stipanovich, SHRM-SCP, senior HR business partner with Matthews Cemetery Products in Pittsburgh. “Let the employee know that he or she does not need to go through this alone and that there are resources available that can assist with emotional support outside of family and friends.”

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