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Weekend Roundup: The Googler’s Manifesto, Office Snakes, and Non-compete Agreements

It’s been a busy month in the world of human resources. One issue has been in the spotlight more than others: diversity. The now ex-Googler’s manifesto has made international news and has remained a top headline for over a week now., highlighting the importance of taking a look at diversity policies in your own company. Another tech company made news over non-compliance agreements, and SHRM explores the difference between comfort and service animals.


More Internal Challenges Arise for Google After Antidiversity Manifesto

By now, you’ve heard of the manifesto written by a Google employee. The document expressed the employee’s unhappiness with the tech giant’s diversity policies and initiatives. Wired now reports that the employee’s opinions were shared by many employees, as leaked internal emails show. This raises questions for Google’s management team: How will Google handle the dialogue on this subject? How will they raise support for their diversity initiatives?


Ground Rules Necessary for Service Animals

Most employers make accommodations for service animals, usually dogs, that assist employees with disabilities. However, comfort animals such as pigs, snakes, birds, and cats are a different story. SHRM broke down the two classifications and the importance of having a meticulous set of rules for service and other animals, including expectations of employees.


Noncompetes Questioned in California Tech Company’s Lawsuit

A California technology company has sued three of its competitors with the goal of dismantling non-compete clauses. The company claims its competitors have “overbroad” agreements, making recruiting difficult and expensive. If your company includes non-compete agreements in contracts, this is a lawsuit to watch.


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