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Weekend Roundup: H-2B Visas, THC Testing, and Recruiting Top Grads

Businesses that rely on foreign seasonal workers could get some extra help this summer thanks to the DHS. Meanwhile, job seekers in New York City will face one fewer drug panel beginning in 2020, and employers are trying out new ways of attracting top new graduates from Generation Z. Stay up to date on the latest hiring news by clicking on the headlines in today’s Weekend Roundup:

Thousands More H-2B Visas Available This Summer

Employers that can demonstrate that their business is at risk of failing without an infusion of foreign seasonal workers will have the chance to petition for extra help this summer.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is authorizing 30,000 additional H-2B visas for use in fiscal year (FY) 2019, which runs through September 30.

The total is twice the number of additional visas issued in the last two years and on top of the 66,000 H-2B visas already allotted this fiscal year.

The extra visas are specifically for returning H-2B workers who held the visa in at least one of the past three fiscal years.

New York City Lawmakers Ban Pre-Employment Drug Testing for Marijuana

Many employers in New York City will no longer be able to test job applicants for marijuana or THC—the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis—under a rule that was just adopted in the Big Apple. The new mandate will take effect in 2020.

“Prospective employers don’t test for alcohol, so marijuana should be no different. But in no way does this bill justify individuals going to work under the influence,” said Jumaane Williams, New York City’s public advocate and the legislation’s sponsor.

Four Tips for Employers to Attract Top Gen Z Talent From The 2019 Graduating Class

Graduation is fast approaching, and this means a fresh new batch of graduates is entering the workforce—and a new generation. Gen Z is defined as anyone born from 1997 onward; with the oldest at 24, this generation is still relatively new to employers. In an increasingly tight labor market, it will be even more difficult for companies to attract and retain top Gen Z talent.

For hiring managers and recruiters, appealing to this latest group of graduates means not only adapting their recruiting efforts and benefits packages, but also must tap into what is motivating Gen Z for the long term. The Class of 2019 Report, published today by iCIMS, a leading provider of cloud-based talent acquisition solutions, gives insight into what Gen Z graduates want, and expect, from potential employers.

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