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Weekend Roundup: Inclusive Leaders, Taxes, Background Checks

In this week’s Weekend Roundup, we learn some tips on how to be a more inclusive leader. Take a look at some clarification for taxes on excess pay at tax-exempt organizations and discover if getting arrested at a protest will show on a background check. Click the headlines below to learn more.

Three Things You Can Do Now To Be A More Inclusive Leader

Most people think of leadership as a formal role that entails being in charge and having power over others, a high professional status, and a successful career. This makes leadership rather exclusive, and by definition, there must be a small number of leaders relative to the much larger number of followers, subordinates, etc.

While all of this is true, scientists tend to think about leadership in a different way. Fundamentally, they view leadership as a psychological process that enables individuals—who may or may not be formally in charge—to improve collective actions.

IRS Proposal Clarifies Tax on Excess Pay at Tax-Exempt Organizations

On June 11, the IRS published a proposed rule under Section 4960 of the Internal Revenue Code, which was added as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. The proposed regulations largely follow the IRS interim guidance under IRS Notice 2019-09. However, the IRS made some helpful changes in the proposed regulations, which are briefly summarized below.

By way of background, Section 4960 imposes an excise tax equal to the corporate tax rate (21 percent for 2020) on that portion of a covered employee’s pay that exceeds $1 million or is treated as an excess parachute payment.

Does Getting Arrested at a Protest Show up on an Employee Background Check?

Protests decrying police brutality brought on by the murder of George Floyd have spilled into another week, across all fifty states.

Video evidence shows that these protests have been mostly peaceful, and that the violence that has been committed has largely come from police officers themselves. But a massive number of people are still getting arrested across the country for minor offenses, like being out past city-wide curfews and obstructing traffic. Many of these cases will likely be thrown out — but not all of them.

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