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Weekend Roundup: What to Learn from Weinstein, HIV in California, and Pensions

To start off October, one news story has dominated the headlines: sexual harassment. Actions like Harvey Weinstein’s are not simply a Hollywood problem, however. Companies across the U.S. can learn from how the Weinstein company handled the accusations. Other headlines this week included an update to a law on HIV exposure in California and potentially rising pension costs. Let’s get caught up:


A Culture of Complicity at the Weinstein Company

Many of the sexual harassment accusations against Harvey Weinstein include mentions of a “honeypot,” in which a female staffer of the company would accompany women he intended to harass. Some from within the company say this lead to a culture of secrecy and complicity. Managers can learn from the Weinstein ordeal and should keep an eye on this story in the months to come.



Knowingly Exposing Others to HIV is No Longer a Felony in California

California lawmakers passed legislation to reduce the penalty for individuals who knowingly or intentionally expose partners to HIV without their knowledge. This law rolled back the penalty from a felony to a misdemeanor. This may raise questions for employers—If a crime was previously a felony, which would disqualify them from employment, how will companies handle them as misdemeanors?


Revised IRS Mortality Tables Will Raise Pension Costs

Americans are living longer, meaning that sponsors of defined-benefit pensions need to ensure that their plans are funded well enough to pay for these new extra years of retirement. A new IRS-issued mortality table will go into effect next year and will potentially raise costs of pension plans.


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