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Weekend Roundup: Legalizing Marijuana, Hiring Kind People, Chief Officer of Fun

In today’s Weekend Roundup, five more states legalize marijuana for medical and recreational use. The chief marketing officer of Electric, Andrea Kayal, shares her thoughts on the importance of hiring nice people versus those with practical experience. And we met the first chief of fun, an HR expert with a unique outlook on hiring practices. Click the headlines below to learn more.

More States Legalize Marijuana Use

The movement to legalize cannabis consumption continued on Election Day, November 3, as voters in five states approved new laws allowing medical and recreational marijuana use.

“In every state where marijuana legalization was on the ballot, it won,” observed Brett Wendt, an attorney with Fisher Phillips in Denver. The trend toward legalization is here to stay, he said, so employers should consider revisiting their internal policies and seeking the advice of counsel with any questions or concerns. In Arizona, Montana and New Jersey—where medicinal use is already permitted—voters approved recreational use. Mississippi voters decided to legalize medical marijuana in the state, and South Dakota voters agreed to legalize both recreational and medical use.

Ask these questions to find out if you’re hiring a good human

I talk ad nauseam about the importance for companies, especially high-growth startups, to hire people who exhibit exceptional emotional intelligence. I’m not the first one who has come to this conclusion, but I think more people need to realize that EQ is just as important of an asset to a company as IQ. In my opinion, it is the single biggest factor in startup growth acceleration. You can usually find smart people but building a team with kind people usually plays second fiddle to those with practical experience.

The World’s First Chief Fun Officer Has a Unique Approach to Hiring

Fun is something a lot of workplaces want at their organization because they understand how important it is. At the same time, fun cannot be prescribed. Getting the balance of work and play right can be very challenging, but when it does balance out, it works very well. Today’s guest calls herself a Chief Fun Officer, and she has a lot of fresh ideas. Meet Rebecca Binnendyk, a sort of consultant and renaissance woman who has dedicated her career to helping organizations find the fun available at work.

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