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Weekend Roundup: Legislation and HR compliance

Jan. 17—Jan. 18, 2015

This week, the focus in on legislation. The issue of discrimination, specifically transgender discrimination, has been on everyone’s radar for the past two weeks, and there are several court decisions in the queue that will likely affect many employers. Additionally, regulations and legislation are already being touted as a trend in 2015. January is the perfect time to review your policies and make sure you’re compliant so that 2015 is not the year of the lawsuit for your company.

JDSupra: Can Sax Fifth Avenue Legally Discriminate?

In the past two weeks, the issue of transgender discrimination has been coming up for several major corporation across the country, and Sax Fifth Avenue is the latest target for allegations of discrimination. HRExaminer commented on it last week as well, pointing out that Price Waterhouse was also recently in the news for allegations of discrimination—but the person in question did not claim to be transgendered, she simply acted against cultural norms. This issue may be a pivotal issue of 2014, as ban the box and individual assessments were in 2014.

TLNT: More workplace trends for 2015

Leading the list of workplace trends is “regulations will shake up the workforce”. 2014 was a banner year for EEOC and FCRA regulations; the two even worked together to create a restatement of the standards for background checks. In order to maintain compliance in 2015, small business owners and HR professionals must stay continually informed.

Fast Company: If you run credit checks on your job candidates, now would be a good time to panic

KRESS has advocated for employers to use caution when running credit checks, and now multi-million dollar companies are coming under the gun for such practices. If you do run credit checks, it has to be done in a certain way to create a viable and legal process. The author recommends having an employment lawyer on speed dial—we recommend working with a screening company that has an employment lawyer on speed dial. As we go into 2015, make sure that all of your screening practices are legal to avoid time in court, or costly settlements.

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