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Weekend Roundup: New Hires Most Likely to Leave When Expectations Not Met

Have you lost any new recruits lately? A new survey conducted by Korn Ferry found that 25 percent of all newly hired workers leave within their first six months. The survey also found that the majority of these new hires leave when their role doesn’t meet their expectations.


The survey attempted to find the root cause of why new hires leave within only a few months. Nearly one-fifth of respondent said that their new hires leave because they didn’t like the company’s culture. Fifteen percent said new employees didn’t view their positions as opportunities for advancement, and another 15 percent said they left because they didn’t like their management team.


The employment market is tightening, which means keeping new hires around should be a priority for every business. This survey reveals that many of the reasons why new hires leave could potentially be addressed by ensuring that recruiters and hiring managers give applicants the right expectations during the hiring process. Always be honest about the tasks, responsibilities, physical demands, expectations for performance, and level of collaboration or independence that will be expected of them if hired.


Better Onboarding Practices Encourage New Recruits


In the same survey, Korn Ferry found that nearly all respondents said that onboarding programs are an important factor in their retention efforts. Sixty-nine percent said they have formal onboarding programs for all new hires, and 10 percent limit these programs to entry-level employees.


Twenty-three percent, however, said that these programs only last a day. Another 30 percent reported onboarding programs of one week, which may not be enough time to fully train a new hire and let them acclimate to their new environment and responsibilities. The surveyor’s HR division, Futurestep, recommends implementing mentorship programs to ensure a smooth transition from onboarding programs into autonomous work.

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