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Weekend Roundup: Petco Background Check Settlement and a Missing Ph.D.

One of the nation’s largest pet retailers agreed to a large settlement with job applicants last week after failing to properly disclose its background check policy. In other news, Michigan is bucking the ban-the-box trend and a high-level public schools official resigned in Portland after her prestigious Ph.D. could not be verified by reporters. Here’s your weekend roundup:

Petco Reaches $1.2 Million Settlement with Job Applicants in FCRA Background Check Lawsuit

Petco Animal Supplies Inc has agreed to pay $1.2 million to more than 37,000 employees and job applicants to settle claims that the retailer failed to properly disclose its use of consumer credit reports in background checks. The settlement for the claims, which alleged violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, must still be approved by a judge.

Michigan Bans Local Ban-the-Box Laws

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder recently signed a bill that will prohibit counties and cities from enacting “ban-the-box” ordinances or other restrictions on the ability of private employers to inquire about criminal history early in the hiring process.

High-level Portland Public Schools chief quits after prestigious degree can’t be verified

The chief strategic officer for Portland Public Schools resigned in April after questions from reporters revealed her claim to have a Ph.D. in social policy from the prestigious London School of Economics could not be verified. Oregon law forbids people from claiming academic degrees they do not actually hold and makes it punishable by a penalty of up to $1,000.

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