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Weekend Roundup: Planning Your New Year for HR

2015 is right around the corner, and you have been ramping up for it for weeks now. As you close out your year, we bring a few final thoughts and tips for HR in 2015 that focus on the trends this year–legislative change, productivity and stress.

Fistful of Talent: “Resolved: Working Less in 2015”


Even though the data is from an Industrial Revolution-era munitions factory, the idea of productivity loss after certain amount of time is still relevant—and increasingly so as we encounter a workforce more stressed and unbalanced than ever. At some point, we’ve got to make the transition from counting face time to valuing creativity and innovation in every worker.



Inc.: “Radically Improve Your Life with Just One Hour a Week”

There are so many thing we should be doing—exercising daily, eating healthy, sleeping more—but most people fail these tasks, even when they’re resolutions, because of the time required. The one hour that James recommends is intended to improve your business life and acumen in 60 minutes a week. One recommendation is to watch a weekly Ted Talk. Enjoy one on us!


SHRM: “Six Comp and Benefits Articles Worth Revisiting”

This year has been a challenging one for HR, with changes in legislation, the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and stronger enforcement of background screening rules. SHRM has published a quick reference guide on Comp and Benefits publications for the year, and it includes information on EAP, outsourcing HR and more.

Laurie Ruettiman: “HR Technology Trends in 2015”

For all of us who have read one too many trends reports, this article is the perfect antidote. As Reuttiman says, HR does have the capability to be more tech savvy, but it is likely that many, many of us will still use a fax machine in 2015.

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