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Weekend Roundup: Reopening Businesses, COVID-19 Workplace Policies, Digital Transformation

In this week’s Weekend Roundup, we take a look at some of the best practices to implement and potential legal issues before reopening businesses. As employers flock to reopen, they need to bear in mind the potential litigation that may ensue. In other headlines, we are discovering that digital transformation in the workplace is less about technology and more about the people businesses employ. Click the headlines below to learn more.

Don’t Risk Litigation: Revise Employment Policies Before Reopening

What will the workplace look like as businesses return to normal operations during the middle of a global health crisis? We are in unchartered territory, with many commentators predicting that the office as we know it will never be the same.

In recent weeks, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo endorsed a regional approach for gradually lifting restrictions on non-essential businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the White House unveiled a plan for Opening Up America Again. The guidance so far suggests that the new normal workplace will include the following: (1) infection prevention measures; (2) protocols for identifying and isolating sick employees; and (3) a continuation of remote work arrangements. Here are a few of the key legal issues and best practices that employers should consider as they prepare to return to work.

Reopening in COVID-19 Era and Employee Disability, Leave Litigation

The flurry of federal, state, and local laws hastily passed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic have affected the workplace in ways employers have not seen before. Now, as employers seek to reopen their businesses, in-house counsel and Human Resources professionals tasked with navigating these uncharted waters should bear in mind which decisions could give rise to disability and leave litigation once the dust settles.

Digital Transformation Is About Talent, Not Technology

As The Economist recently noted, one of the most obvious consequences of the current Covid-19 pandemic will be “the infusion of data-enabled services into ever more aspects of life.” We expect digital transformation to be an even bigger imperative for organizations in the short-term future.

Contrary to popular belief, digital transformation is less about technology and more about people. You can pretty much buy any technology, but your ability to adapt to an even more digital future depends on developing the next generation of skills, closing the gap between talent supply and demand, and future-proofing your own and others’ potential.

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