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Weekend Roundup: Resolutions and “The Office”

Jan. 3-4, 2015

If this is your first day back after the holiday, or if you’ve been here all along, welcome to the first Monday of 2015. Let’s make this a great year for Human Resources, as most economists are predicting a banner year for hiring. Also, raises are on the horizon. With all that good news, HR will be the favorite once again—no matter how the Christmas party turned out. 10 Things ‘The Office’ Taught Us about Managing People

We all watched “The Office” at one time or another, and while few aspire to be Michael Scott, played by Steve Carrell, he has a few management lessons to teach, many especially relevant to HR. This year, there was quite a bit of focus on employee perks, some even more outrageous than Google’s lengthy list, but David Scott offers a simpler solution to keeping your employees happy—compliment and encourage them because you genuinely care.

And finally, resolutions…

You can find any number of articles on resolutions available this week, on most news outlets from Businessweek to Inc. to an entire series in Fast Company. Some of the articles are worth reading while others, unsurprisingly, are not. What is your resolution this year?

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