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Weekend Roundup: Salary Budgets Up, New H-2B Visas, and Chipotle Gets Burned

July has been a busy month in the human resources industry. The was heat turned up at Chipotle in an overtime lawsuit that is proceed as a collective action, contributing to increasing buzz about overtime laws. The DHS granted an additional 15,000 H-2B visas, and salaries budgets are expected to increase by three percent in 2018.


Keep reading for a recap of what you need to know in HR this week.


Overtime Lawsuit Against Chipotle Heats Up

A lawsuit against Chipotle claims that thousands of workers are owed overtime pay. The class-action lawsuit is relying on a federal rule to make its case and that the rule expanding overtime pay to millions of additional workers is in effect. This is despite the injunction instated late last year, which banned enforcement of the regulation. This case could have consequences for employers across the country, as it will weigh in on whether the injunction is enough to ban enforcement of the rule.


Salary Budgets Expected to Rise Three Percent in 2018

The results of a new World at Work salary budget survey predict that salary increase budgets for U.S. employers will increase three percent on average in 2018. The survey found this was the case for most employee categories and that the increase is unchanged from 2017. While salary budgets rise, the survey also found that salaries themselves will not necessarily rise as well.


DHS Announces One-Time Increase in H-2B Visas

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced a one-time 45-percent increase in H-2B visas for the remainder 2017. The average number of visas granted is 33,000. Employers must submit attestation of harm to receive these visas, which are typically for seasonal workers.


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